Monday, 12 September 2016

This Is How You Rate An Indian Stand Up Comedian


With no introductions as I always like, precise to the subject. Indian Comedians or Stand up Comics as they feel that’s the right way to call them, do nothing but mockery out of Indian subjects, practices, sentiments, religions, culture, history, ethnicity etc

                           However, CREATIVITY is a Strict NO for them.

Yes, you heard it right. Being an avid Stand up Comedy fan, I would always feel ashamed of such Indian Comics who pretend to be creative, but they are dissolved in criticism only.

All they do is mock at subjects and forget to be realistic. Being creative isn’t hard, but harder!
You have to think and try being innovative. Social media has been one of the easiest methods to get you popular. So any Tom, Dick and Harry can turn out be a Comic. Thanks to YouTube.

However, as I blurted before, being a Stand up Comedy Fan, I felt a lot of budding comedians try aiming for the views rather than quality content. Because, we live in a county where trendy gaalis/swear words sell more than realistic stuff.

The recent AIB controversy was the best example, it gained them more popularity than they could ever imagine. Anyway that was their purpose to sell the gig. To make it even more worse, they cover it up by saying – ‘their thoughts are similar to that of George Carlin’ – NO COMMENTS. 

And if there is any reactions on this article, I would say this is my way of representing - 'Freedom of Speech'


By Vishal Aryan Komara